Perrier Jouet Blason Rose – The Best Gift For Champagne Lovers

Perrier Jouet Blason Rose – The Best Gift For Champagne Lovers - Country Wine & Spirits

Perrier Jouet Blason Rose – The Best Gift For Champagne Lovers

Perrier Jouet Champagne has a history dating back to 1918 and the drink has maintained its quest for perfection since then. Some of the great Champagne houses call for innovation and creativity while preserving the unique features of the drink, and Perrier Jouet is among them.

The House of Perrier Jouet has maintained their unique blend of creativity, art, and innovation that defines the founders and manufacturers of the drink till date. In the year 1958, Perrier Jouet guaranteed the quality and uniqueness of the wines manufactured by them by branding the corks used to close the bottles with the year and the PJ seal to prove the authenticity of the wine.

Champagne art, which is the detailing of Champagne bottles with hand painted art, is a tradition that Perrier Jouet proudly upholds. These Champagne art bottles were designed by Emile Gallé, who was a leading artist of the art nouveau movement in 1902, and the bottles of the Belle époque range of Champagnes are hand painted with the Japanese anemones of Emile Gallé.


Perrier Jouet Blason Rose NV Art Nouveau Gift Tube

This is a fantastic rose champagne, which is a limited edition offering by the House of Perrier Jouet. The drink shows hints of strawberry and red fruits when the bottle is opened and has a rich palate that is long lasting. You can feel that the drink is a blend of orange and rose flowers with full-bodied aromas of pear, pomegranate, blood orange, apricot, and the fragrances of many red fruits.

This juicy and generous blend of fruits will give way to notes of butter, biscuit, and pastries. However, the Blason Rose from Perrier Jouet is a balanced and very intense champagne.

About fifteen percent red wine is added to the Champagne blend to offer the extra body and the salmon pink color to it. The blend features about fifteen percent reserve wines, and it is aged for two to three years before release to the market.

This special edition Champagne also comes with a chill case that is signed by the young French designer Benjamin Graindorge. The inspiration for this limited edition was drawn from the Art Nouveau versions of Perrier Jouet Champagne. So, the next time you plan to order alcohol from an online liquor store to gift to your friends, check out the limited edition versions of Perrier Jouet.