GIN BRANDS WORTH TRYING OUT IN 2017 - Country Wine & Spirits


Gin is the new preference among liquor enthusiasts worldwide, and its growing popularity has resulted in tremendous rise in the sales. In fact, the launch of newer brands every week has resulted in the sales skyrocketing.

UK is reportedly the largest consumer of Gin and this increasing demand has resulted in 49 more distilleries opened. Last year, we also witnessed acquiring of many brands by major companies in the industry. This large-scale popularity of the drink has led to ‘Ginnaissance’ all over the world.

As per the words of Lizzy Johnson, the marketing director at Quintessential Brands, “‘Ginnaissance’ is here and the category is hot, from standard to super-premium, new brands are launching and established brands are growing, making the category one of the most dynamic and attractive for all.”

2017 offers many promises in the ever-growing Gin industry, and it is reported that many new brands will hit the market in the upcoming months. Below are some of the best Gin brands in the market, which are worth watching out for.

Gordon’s Gin

The renewed interest in the success of this brand has brought this Diageo-owned Fin brand back into business. In fact, the Gin category under this brand has produced some of the best products we have seen. Moreover, Gordon’s recent rebranding of its entire brand has bought new designs into the bottles and the liquor.

Reports say that their latest marketing campaign is targeting the after-work market, which is the majority of the population in the US and Europe. Gordon’s Gin has also won numerous awards, which makes it a brand that you would definitely want to try.

Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin

A product of the legendary Kyoto Distillery, this rice spirit infused Gin is one of the best delights in the market. Traditional Japanese Gin-making skills are employed in the making of this fine piece of spirit, which make the urge to try it even more longing. Its iconic bottle design combined with the rich and distinctive taste offers the best delights for all Gin enthusiasts out there.

Edinburgh Gin

Edinburgh Gin has boosted its production capacity recently, and it will be a great benefit for the loyal customers of this popular brand. The varied flavors and bottle designs will surely attract more Gin lovers to try the liquor. Insiders say that the company is doubling up its marketing efforts at present, and some new releases are scheduled to hit the shelves in a couple of months.

Besides these brands, it is expected that the year 2017 will also offer space for independent Gin distillers in displaying their skills. This will enable increased competition, but that would be highly beneficial for the industry. Above all, Gin making is going to get more experimental with the application of new techniques and technologies.