Casamigos Origin

Not many tequila lovers know the Casamigos history, the story behind the tequila company of George Clooney, Casamigos.  The name ‘Casamigos’ is a combination of two Spanish words: “casa,” meaning house, and “amigos,” meaning friends. Casamigos means ‘House of Friends’ and is named after a property that is shared by Clooney and Gerber. Clooney and his friends Gerber and Mike Meldman loved tequila so much that they decided to make one just for themselves.

The History of Casamigos

The Casamigos origin begins with Clooney and Gerber’s neighboring houses in Mexico. A shared love of the drink drove them to research tequila across the country. They aimed to make tequila so smooth that people could drink it neat. 

A Company is Born

Eventually, they started a tequila company of their own to create perfect and affordable tequila. The tequila was launched in the US in 2013, but then it seemed that Clooney and Gerber were forced into the business of tequila making. Gerber said in an interview that he and Clooney had spent almost two years developing the drink and another two years tasting it. 

Casamigos history was made one fine morning when they got a call from their distillery claiming to have been ordering 1,000 bottles of tequila per year. “[E]ither you’re selling it or you’re drinking too much,” Gerber said. They were advised to get licensed to keep on making their much-loved tequila. Today, the venture has grown into a big business, although the core of the business, which is friendship, remains the same.

The Casamigos Production Process

Casamigos tequila and mezcal are made using age-old traditional methods. Only the best agaves are used in creating the drink. These plants are roasted for up to 72 hours in brick ovens or earthen pits heated by volcanic rock.

The Master Distiller uses a one-of-a-kind blend of yeast to ensure a consistent flavor. The Casamigos story is one of honoring tradition while creating something fresh and new. And now Clooney and Gerber want other tequila lovers to share videos and images of themselves enjoying Casamigos with their friends.

The new social media campaign of their business is “House of friends.” With this campaign, “George and I made the tequila ourselves and had a lot of good times coming up with the perfect one,” Gerber says. “It was made by friends, for friends and that's what we're all about: friendship.”

Popular Types of Casamigos

Below are the most popular variants of Casamigos that you may order from an online liquor store and have a good time with your mates. Order one today, capture some pictures and videos with your friends enjoying the drink, and share them online to take part in the “House of Friends” campaign.

The Blanco

You can get a faint smell of mint and agave while opening the bottle. You can observe the drink clinging to the sides of the glass like all nice tequilas. The drink is sweet and a bit watery making it a relatively simple tequila, perfect for sipping with friends on a relaxing evening.

The Reposado

This version has all the characteristics of the Blanco, but with some extra caramel and cocoa flavors in it. Reposado is aged for seven months in American Oak barrels and has a golden, honey-like color. The drink offers a smooth drinkability and has a bit of a rough finish.

The Anejo

With a rich caramel color, and a flavor to match, the Anejo offers a “[p]erfect balance of sweetness” in each sip. Barrel oak flavors emerge from the 14 months that the tequila spends in premium white oak barrels. The Blue Weber agave that is used in the process grows in rich red clay in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

The Casamigos story is one of friendship and quality. Would you like to try Casamigos tequila to celebrate this friendship day? Order it from our online liquor store now!